Getting Naked Later By Kate Hurley

Have you heard the phrase, "If you just let go, you'll finally meet the love of your life?" Do you have a growing stash of two-for-one coupons? Do you keep a list about your potential spouse that includes such things as "he has to love dogs" or "he can't snore?" These are some of the rites of passage for singles, and Kate Hurley has been through all of them. In this book, Kate doesn't offer a magic formula that will bring your spouse to you, nor does she ask you to be content with your "gift" of singleness. With candid humor and refreshing honesty, she shares her own struggles and discoveries as a single person and invites you to come with her on a journey toward hope.
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  • Title: Getting Naked Later
  • Authors: Kate Hurley
  • Publisher: Samizdat Creative
  • Release Date: 03/18/2013
  • Genre: Nonfiction
  • Tags: kate-hurley | getting-naked-later | dealing-with-singleness | relationships | dating | wanting-gods-best |

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